Ski Resort API

Ski Resort Snow Report

Request Structure
Example: Ski Resort Snow Report{APP_ID}&app_key={APP_KEY}

Request Parameters


Before you request the Ski Resort API, you must select the resorts that you want to request here

Then you can request the Ski Resort API by the resort ids that you have selected.


Example Json

    "resortid": 999001,
    "resortname": "Arinsal",
    "resortcountry": "Andorra",
    "newsnow_cm": 12,
    "newsnow_in": 4.7,
    "lowersnow_cm": 0,
    "lowersnow_in": 0,
    "uppersnow_cm": 0,
    "uppersnow_in": 0,
    "pctopen": 0,
    "lastsnow": "19/05/2015",
    "reportdate": "26/05/2015",
    "reporttime": "13:27",
    "conditions": "Closed for snowsports"

Example Xml

    <conditions>Closed for snowsports</conditions>

Response Fields Ski Resort Snow Report

Field Type Format Description
resortid integer unique id of resort
resortname string Resort name
resortcountry string Resort Country
newsnow_cm decimal centimeters new snow depth in centimeters
newsnow_in decimal inches new snow depth in inches
lowersnow_cm decimal centimeters lower snow depth in centimeters
lowersnow_in decimal inches lower snow depth in inches
uppersnow_cm decimal centimeters upper snow depth in centimeters
uppersnow_in decimal inches upper snow depth in inches
pctopen integer percentage Percentage of runs open
lastsnow date dd/MM/yyy last snow date
reportdate date dd/MM/yyy report date
reporttime time HH:mm report time
conditions string snow report description