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July 08, 2014 13:25

Jerome Folliet


Don’t know if it’s covered anywhere on the website, but here’s THE question:
How accurate is your data source?

I’m asking this because I subscribed today, played around with the API and so far, I’m not impressed.

I tried locations in flat land as well as up in the mountains (hint: at we’re much more interested by the latter).
At all those locations it’s been raining for most of the current day. And “current precipitationtype eq anyprecip” says no…

Thanks in advance.


July 10, 2014 09:25

John Armstrong

Hi Jerome and thanks for the question,

With regard to ‘current weather’ we have access to data from thousands of weather station observation points around the world. The majority of these report conditions at least every half hour.

Where you are looking at mountainous areas there are a couple of points to consider. First, the weather stations are more likely to be located in more populated locations – the mountains tend not to be very populated and second, mountainous areas can have very variable conditions, where the weather in one valley/mountain top can be very different from a the weather of an adjacent valley/mountain top.

Regarding the requests you made and our records show you called current weather for just two locations; In Paris and in the Alps. For Paris our live observations reported precipitation for only around 1 hour in the early afternoon – the times of your calls just missed picking this up.

We note some requests you made were trying to query data for some months back. The WeatherTrigger API only allows queries up to 7-days into the past.

The Service you are using is a general weather service. we do have specialist weather data services for mountain regions and we will send on details of these. If we can better understand your requirements I’m sure we’ll be able to provide a service that satisfies your need.




November 05, 2014 11:46

Jerome Folliet

Thanks for your complete answer.

It’s dumping snow right now all over the French Alps, so I thought I could give your API another shot.
I queried 3 different locations where I’m sure they got some snow with [current precipitationtype eq anysnow], and the answer is always diappointing : “ConditionMatched”: “No”.

What a pity!


November 05, 2014 12:23

John Armstrong

Hi Jerome,

We’re sorry you have found the current weather for ski resorts output less than satisfactory. As previously mentioned, with this specific WeatherTrigger service the stations where we pick up the observations for current weather are not necessarily in the resorts but rather in the valley.

We do have some very good data relating specifically to ski resorts – both very accuarate mountain forecast data for approximately 5000 global ski stations and detailed snow reports covering over 1000 ski areas.

As there are limitations on providing accurate live data for resorts on where it is snowing, and of course, it may well be snowing just above resort height but not down to resort level, we suggest you use our mountain specific forecast data for resort, mid, and upper altitudes to give an indication of where it is likely to be snowing and at what altitude. you can also use our snow reports that indicate where it has been snowing and the approximate fresh snow cover on lower and upper slopes. We also have some highly engaging snowfall animation graphics available.

Let us know your needs and i’m sure we’ll be able to provide a solution.




November 05, 2014 12:29

Jerome Folliet

Hi John,

Thanks for your prompt answer.

I do understand you’re relying on observations rather than on a weather model (which is a good point imho).

I’ll be happy to try out your mountain specific forecast data as well as the snowfall animation graphics.
Where may I access?

Thanks again.


November 06, 2014 12:16


Hi Jerome
I’m Paul and I’m picking up on this thread from my colleague John. We have many years experience of ski reporting and providing mountain forecasts and I’d be very happy to speak with you and consider how our content could be optimised for SkiWallet. I saw the response a few months back re current weather and of course that is problematic for ski resorts as there is no consistent way to do that. The forecasts we have work well though and I’d say we do the best possible ski reporting given the weak consistency of the data available. Anyway, easy answer to your question is refer to and search for any ski resort via fast search. Also check out our animations here I also have a list of client URLs if that;s helpful. Reach me on or Skype ‘pakwisely’ Kind regards Paul

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