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May 24, 2018 03:32

Rafik Mansour

I tested your API and found several problems.

For example, when I try to find the weather for the city of ‘ALGER, 36.75,3.05’, the response API forces me with an answer as follows: <latitude> 36.72 </ latitude>
<longitude> 3.25 </ longitude>, While this is not the data I wanted to have.

In a radius of 150Km I tested with other cities, the API always gives me the data of the same city.

The city ‘Tizi Ouzou 36.70,4.04’ and the city ‘Algiers 36.75,3.05’ are two deferential cities, 100 km away, yet the API gives me exactly the same weather.

For the API it is the same city, but in reality it is cities deferente, and it is the same problem for all the cities that I tested about 20.

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