How long before a trial license is unlocked?


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November 05, 2015 17:51

Hello – We’re developing a site using the local weather API and have exceeded our limit of hits-per-minute. We have taken some corrective measures to reduce this, but how long will it be before we can resume our testing? Thanks!

Dear **,

Your application * is above 100% limit utilization of Hits per minute: 100/100.
Please look at your application usage at

Weather Unlocked


November 06, 2015 09:56

John Armstrong


If you go over your requests per minute limit then further requests within that minute will return an error, you should be able to resume your testing in less than a minute.

Daily request limits are calculated from 00:00 to 24:00 UTC, in this case you should be able to resume your requests in the next day (UTC time).

Thanks and regards

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