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June 03, 2019 04:08

Juliet Wong Min

Hi, I’m trying to get the data (xml) for wind speed to use it in processing 3+ but I’m getting the error message “[Fatal Error] :1:1: Content is not allowed in prolog.”
Can you help me please?

I have tried using data from another website (not weather unlocked) and the codes worked. But I can’t get the content from weatherunlocked.

Here’s the code:
XML xml;

void setup()

boolean error = false;

try {
xml = loadXML(“http://api.weatherunlocked.com/api/current/-20.34,57.55?app_id=72a19a8b&app_key=ef861f4e7787bb4f9f875d3c77605f8f”);

} catch (Exception e){
error = true;

if (!error){

XML wind_speed = xml.getChild(“wind_speed_mph”);



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