WeatherTrigger API


Nobody likes errors, when they do occur, for whatever reason, you’ll want to know what to do with them;

General Errors - 400 Bad Request

When a "400 Bad Request" error occurs it was probably caused by a programming error. When this happens the WeatherTrigger API will return the appropriate HTTP status code and an error description with the following format:

"Message":"error message", 
"Description":"error description", 
"InternalCode":"error internal code", 
"HelpUrl":"url for documentation"

General Errors

Message Description Internal Code Help Url
Invalid boolean operator 'x' is an invalid operator for 'y' element. w2-ib-1 /Components#Element
Invalid Compass Value 'x' is an invalid compass value, Please enter a valid value like N, S, W or E w2-icv-1 /Components#WindDirection
Invalid Data Type 'x' is an invalid data type w2-idt-1 /Components#DataType
Invalid Element 'x' Invalid Element for 'y' data type w2-ie-1 /Components#Element
Invalid Element Function 'x' Invalid Element Function for 'y' element w2-ief-1 /Components#ElementFunctions
Invalid location data Invalid location data - please provide a valid coordinates or post code w2-il-1 /Components#Location
Invalid Operator 'x' is an invalid operator for 'y' element w2-io-1 /Components#Element
Invalid Query 'x' is an invalid Query to Request w2-iq-1 /Components
Invalid Time Period 'x' is an invalid Time Period for 'y' data w2-itp-1 /Components#TimePeriod
Invalid Value 'x' is an invalid Time Period for 'y' data w2-iv-1 /Components#TimePeriod
Invalid Value 'x' is an invalid Value for 'y' element w2-iv-1 /Components#Element

500 Bad Request

When a "500 Internal Server Error" error occurs, it's probably because something went wrong on our side. We're very sorry. We keep track of all 500 Errors and will investigate these and do our utmost to resolve the problem as quickly as possible!