Local Weather API

Get Started

Before you start using the Local Weather API, it is important to know the following

  1. To use the API you will need to sign up for a key. The good news is it’s absolutely free for HTTP requests, so why not get started now.
  2. You can find your API key on your dashboard
  3. API requests are made over HTTP or with the appropriate plan HTTPS. Data features return JSON or XML.
    • To specify the output format, set the "Accept" header to:
      • text/xml
      • application/json
  4. The documentation provides some examples of how to use the API features. See code samples for several languages, and user-generated code and libraries.

API Base URL: http://api.weatherunlocked.com/ or https://api.weatherunlocked.com/

Request Structure
{LocalWeatherType} can be "current" or "forecast"
Example: Current Weather
Example: Forecast Weather